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Michael Schenker - he's my brother - at London's Shepherds Bush Empire-haha .. "Name Dropping Story"

Posted by schenkerssister on June 6, 2010 at 11:54 AM Comments comments (1)

.... I was bombarded with messages... are you going to be there ?????

where ????....of course... my brother's Show at Shepherds Bush Empire !!!

... in the last few months, I didn't do anything, but...... !!!!!!!

                                 ---- Focus "Princess" Focus ----- !!

hahaha.... and I did ...but then 5 pm in the afternoon, this arrived..... funny,  " if you are bored " ..... hahaha.... well, I pretended to be bored and went !! you are bored....haha


well, the tradition first out of Tube Station is the " Beer " Fix....or Cheap Warm up !!!....Stellas out of the ice cold Londis Fridge and who did I hit on his---- Hard Rock Cafe Leather Jacket Back ????

Yesssss,  the Singer ...and do you want to know, what he said ???

How did you know < I was here ????....hahaha...I bet , he just purchased his cup of Tea in there -Camamile- Tea for his voice for the Show.I was  HUGGED ....BIG Hug , first shrunk  of the night...Garry Barden, you've got muscles...pohhhh ......!!!...nice !! lol

Can in Bag walk via venue....and I thought , hang on , I know this bumb !!! 2 bumbs 1 female and 1, the one bumb, I thought I knew....yes, and I was right ...!!! The -Rock Bottom of Paul Raymond...yeahhh, and his Face when he detected me...

Big laughs and Party and HUGGED again...!!! He asked me " warming up ??? " and pointed on my beer.....

I gave an honest YES and smiled !!!

They were off to a Foody  and my plan was to finish my beer in peace whilst walking undetected. Hahaha....dream on , a hand hit me on my shoulder hard....OMG and my beer was detected also by Scorpions NO 1 Fan ....what is the first Name?? ...Blower !!!..." you can't hide from me ....hahaha" he said and showed me his new Scorpions Shoulder Tattoo....hahaha

nice one !!!....that was a short shock, but lovely....he let me go and soon my beer was in the bin-done !!

Now .....  time to pick up my pass !! and yes, it was there waiting for me at the ticket office.

No, ...I did not get straight backstage to say hello to Michael, it was -before show- not always the best time to say HELLO !

....but the Shepherds Empire  London is a fantastic venue, it was full and finally Michael was back in a place, where he belonged !!!...great !!! the time I was upstairs downstairs, had my next fill up and helloed to many and a day the support was finished and MSG was ready to hit the stage.

Love INTROS and the place started to rock !!!and roll !!!...after song 4/5 I started to venture and I ventured towards the dressing rooms(never been here before) but I heard a familiar voice, while walking up the stairs, through a door and a guy jumped out of his sofa seat....Herman Herman Babs Babs ...HUGGED again stronggggggggggggg !!! we haven't seen for a long long time !!.....there was Paul Raymond again...big smile !!!

.........and HUGGED again by....??????? ......Pete Way.......!!!!!.....I have to tell you, he kept saying , that he knew me since....and then he showed his hand flat shortly above floor....hahaha....but I did not wear nappies

I tell you, we had soooo much fun , talking about the past and now and and and......... I  forgot about the show . We had the "setlist" there on the wall and they were all waiting for their-- guest appear turn --- and Herman was next on -Lights OUT - , so he used the sofa arms to warm up with his drum sticks. OH yes, we took the "Mickey and the Rest" and we tried to count how many times DOCTOR DOCTOR was played,..."all harmless giggle Michael !!!!....but you looked like me on stage, more bubbly and I thought Barbara, what are you doing there ???"

Michael must have watched my - Rock Jingle..the final movie..........Rrrrroarrrr Video on Youtube....hahaha

I talked to Michael  on the phone later that night , he was on his way to the next show !!!.....he had done a RUNNER !!! did not  matter to me, that I didn't see him tonight...I had a brilliant time !

I sent him a text , saying.." Michael you look like me "...and they replyed..." where were you ???? " .......hahahaha


"You, silly, silly, silly, Michael!" "Calm down, sis. I have no clue what the heck had happened to me?" "Oh well, you are way too easy-going..."


MSG London from the EYES of the Sister Backstage Queen !!!...haha

Posted by schenkerssister on September 19, 2009 at 11:47 AM Comments comments (1)

:tongue:Sold out !!!....but really, that should't be difficult in a place like the London

" Underworld ".... even Michael's ex-guitar Roadie had to go home,  he did not fit on the guest-list....Shock a Block....Bang!!!!!!!...go home!!:cool:

...but all in all , a super athmosphere! I met sooooo many people and they all bought me BEER...thanks Jimmy and and and a few unusual photos from the "Hering Pole" , I was standing.....hahaha.....I bet Japan - Ritchie - will be glad to see a few pics like these.....he's got hundreds and hundreds of Michael's live Pictures....!!!!!!...but all the same !!!! This is not a fowl critic, just a fact !!!....haha

here the photos........if you want to say something, go to "guestbook" and drop it off!

London + Hanover in Canada Live on

Posted by schenkerssister on September 6, 2009 at 2:27 PM Comments comments (2)

..yes., Rudolf and I were in Canada last Saturday with Matty Grant from " On Air "....apart from the fact, that Matty from MHB Radio is a solid Presenter with super cool comments Rudolf kept dropping out of our funny !!! Here is the link to the pod cast !!

yeahhhhhhh....Rudolf was not only loosing connection all the time, he was in a "Hurry" too ...his producer was waiting ....... yeahhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


funny is, that Rudolf called me already 30 minutes too early...he had misread the time on my e-mail...

sooooooooooo.... all in all..... Rudolf was tested for his patience that night....!!!

...I think, he mastered it like a Ballerina ..hahaha., I'm not a P.....I'm a Cheeky Monkey....that's all !!.

...I think it's a sweet compliment to call Rudolf a Ballerina...have you ever seen him live on stage ???

.....happy Sunday to all you countless Forum visiters !!!!

.....My Skype name ????? was a good "try" and it will not hurt , but something I will keep

...the picture tells me , that you are a "Skyper"....yes, it's great.

...hello Kristof !!!!

Essen ???....

did you know that Essen means when you go there you have to eat !!!! Rudolf to invite me, or better not....I should not start that thing again.....

Cheeky Monkey Business !!!!

Tatika -

it's very good interview!! I laughed a lot too...hehehhehe...


Skype is indeed awesome. Don't worry, I knew I wasn't gonna get it. Still can't hurt though.

 Also, I like how you are active hear. It just means you're even more awesome.

Prince Ali -

Barbara,...Great interview.....Nice to hear your voice again....

But if its all the same, I think I will go and meditate on Rudi's Pink Thong!....